Why Kitotkara?

Who doesn’t want an easy and frictionless experience? Kitotkara possesses a technological and future-oriented nature, due to which it is flexible to handle crises well. Our systems can be set up and integrated within hours. The system can easily be configured and extended to meet all requirements of future tenders. We provide Digital Standees with customized branding to engage your customers at important touch-points. Experience an obstacle-free service and successful deployment of the displays.


Perfect fit for all major industries from hotels to airports and many more.

Compact and portable displays can be easily moved from one place to another.

Centrally managed content makes it easier for the administrator to update the information.

The interactive and touch-screen standees can perform faultlessly for many years without any kind of degradation in resolution or quality.

Saving cost, paper wastage, and avoiding human contact at the same time.

Leverage the power of video to make long-lasting impacts on people’s minds.